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This new panel model is more robust, more luxurious and higher design and functional quality. The new design, in its video entry version, includes audio and video functions in the same module.
Kolor aluminium.
Device that can be used in"MDS" and/or "AC Plus" centralized access control systems.
Centralized access control are partly composed of hardware: central units, readers, guard unit, decoders, etc. and one part software that lets you configure and manage the installation.
Restricts access to certain private zones of a facility (office, warehouse, factory, sports area) to those persons not in possession of a authorized credential or identification.
Enables complete management of an installation with several doors and advanced access control functions: restrictions by user groups, both spatial (areas) and temporal (schedules), anti-passback function, capacity limitation, greater user capacity, activation of devices from the reader, recording of incidents for consultation later, control or security centre.
In contrast with other systems, centralized access control systems let you integrate other complementary functions with no need for additional controllers:
- Intercommunication. For those accesses where we have to allow access to other people from outside the facility. By pressing a button we contact the guard unit and access is permitted from there.
- Technical or intruder alarms. Each entrance and exit can be programmed with a detection and action time.
- Automation. Weekly programmer which can schedule daily activations of relays and arming of sensors, individually or in groups. - Lifts. Access to certain floors may be restricted depending on the identifier (only in MDS).
The user information and associated restrictions are stored in a Central Unit that takes the decisions to allow or deny access.


Power supply: 12 Vdc.
The Door Controller can control the following elements for a Door:Entrance and exit readers, one located outside the installation andanother on the inside (optional). Maximum distance between DC and Reader: 10 metres.An exit button that lets you open the door (pedestrian type) from theinside of the installation. If a vehicle door, lets you connect a looppresence induction.A Trades button (business hours) located on the outside of the facility,that lets you open the door during a set schedule.A 4/6 state door sensor. If a vehicle door, lets you connectan inductive validation loop.Two relays. One of them can be used to control the door release, the other is used as an auxiliary relay and can be used to control an alarm associated to the door.Admits connection of standard readers, which can be of four different types:• Readers with data output in Wiegand-26 format.• Readers with data output in MagStripe format (ABA Track II or Data/Clock).• Dallas i-Button type button key readers.• Matrix keypads with data output in 8- bit burst format.Power supply 12 Vdc ± 10% (CN1).Consumption. 15 mA min; 100 mA max.Operating temperature 0 ÷ +60 oC with H.R. 90% without condensation.Dimensions: 85 x 88 x 25 mm

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Rozmiary opakowanego produktu: 13,5x10x6 cm
EAN 13: 8424299074535

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