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Projekt West County Club - pracownia We Design

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Projekt West County Club - pracownia We Design

We Design to pracownia projektowa prowadzona przez Simona Chenga i Aarona Mok. Studio zostało założone w 2010 roku. We Design zapewnia kompleksową i profesjonalną obsługę w różnych dziedzinach takich jak renowacje, projektowanie nieruchomości, projekty komercyjne czy showroomy.

Przestrzegając idei "We Design Future" (ang. "Projektujemy przyszłość), We Design jest zaangażowane w odkrywanie awangardowego i kolorowego nowoczesnego wzornictwa i przełamywania ograniczeń w projektowaniu.

Centrum sprzedaży West County to najnowszy projekt pracowni. We Design było odpowiedzialne za wystrój wnętrza i dekoracje. Projekt to połączenie wyrafinowanego stylu z nowoczesnym designem. Duże, otwarte przestrzenie wypełniono współczesną sztuką. Ciemne kolory przełamane zostały kolorowymi grafikami. Oryginalne rzeźby i obrazy dodają wnętrzom uroku i zabawy. Elegancja, prostota, minimalizm, współczesne, nieszablonowe akcenty - te słowa najlepiej opisują przestrzenie West County Club.

Informacje o projekcie:

Nazwa projektu: Centrum sprzedaży West County Club w Vanke Hangzhou / West County Club Sales center at Vanke Hangzhou
Lokalizacja projektu: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Powierzchnia terenu: 1070 metrów kwadratowych 
Klient: Fang Haifeng, Shi Mengting
Konsultant artystyczny: We Design
Dekoracje i wystrój: We Design
Zespół ds. miękkiej dekoracji: Simon Cheng, Aaron Mok, He Yuqin, Liu Xiafeng, Liu Yuancheng
Projekt wnętrz: LWM Architects + Shanghai Yuejie Architectural Design Consulting Co, Ltd.
Fotograf: Yan Ming Studio

Strona pracowni

Opis oryginalny projektu:

West County Club at Vanke Hangzhou
Deconstructed art, Ultimate carefree

The Liangzhu civilization, which began in the Chalcolithic Period, flourished and left behind a legend to be admired and studied. Chinese civilization has left its mark on this land: folk culture, art and nature grow here, which form the inexhaustible local heritage. It is an ultimate carefree when wandering freely between the landscapes.

The West County Club is a model for the interpretation of nature and life in the landscape of Liangzhu civilization, and is evolving the millennial cultural heritage of Liangzhu. We Design, which condenses spiritual power through art, acted as the artistic consultant for the West County Club in this case, using professional furnishing aesthetics and pioneering deconstruction techniques to sublimate the spirit of artistic creation.

People's understanding of Liangzhu culture comes from their historical memories, and from their current lives. The paradigm of living in Liangzhu that Simon wants to create comes from the collective memory and is inseparable from the contemporary picture, where people can wander in and out of art and life freely. From the "unity of heaven and humanity” of the Liangzhu culture to the thought of Zhuangzi, Simon translates "peace" into the spirit of space, allowing people to live in the house with a heartfelt joy. "In the end, 'peace' is a state of freedom of mind and body, and we hope to use art as a yardstick to demonstrate aspirational living in a combination of reality and imagination that resonates with the heart."

The sculpture looks like waves from a distance, but when you gaze at it, it looks like a fish or a bird...... The designer uses the artwork to punctuate and reshape the natural object, adding a spiritual dimension to the symbolism, giving the object a broad character and vitality. Framed by the wild force of natural gestures, the work is balanced in movement and stillness.

Carefree is not only the freedom of the individual, but the inclusiveness of all things. Carefree is not only the freedom of the individual, but the inclusiveness of all things. In the reception area, guests are treated with courtesy, and the spirit of carefree is made tangible as they feel that the landscape surrounds them. The art of carefree takes one to the nature of the modern East - and the landscape dwellers are free to discover as much as they like.

"The interweaving of tradition and trend, fun and civilization will make the space vibrant, innovative and interesting" In reflecting on how Zhuangzi's thought relates to space, We Design introduces “The Hipster's Banquet”, a collaboration created by artist Digiway and Rong Baozhai Studio.

The free-spirited, mingling feast in the painting becomes the artistic blueprint for this spot. A surreal banquet that breaks through the geographical limits of space and opens up a realm of ' Utmost Happiness' between the negotiation area and the tea and wine counter.

A fascinating life in Hangzhou is often accompanied by tea and wine. Tea and wine symbolise understatement and bravado, out of and into the world. Art consultant Simon focuses on the emotional connection between space and people, allowing for a deeper understanding of things and pure pleasure.

This place values the experience of "coming for pleasure and returning for pleasure". The integrated leisure space, tea and wine counter is relaxed, elegant and trendy, where guests can enjoy the beauty of Mingyu Lake while having fun with music, sips of wine and tea.

Thus, a blend of retro and futurism emerges here, where history is derived from the picturesque into the modern world. One is at ease in it, immersed in a hedonistic fusion of art, food and nature.

The new-style calligraphy 'Happiness' responds to the scene with a spirited gesture and majestic imagery. The rich imagery and open-mindedness are consistent with the atmosphere, and the designer celebrates the simplicity with modern design language.

As guests enter the VIP and audio-visual rooms and experience the creative expression of 'The Floods of Autumn', they will be in the state of mind of 'Joy of Fish'. The conversation between Beihai Ruo and Hebe goes back to the basics, and art consultant Simon grabs concepts from fables to verify the possibility of relative art and absolute life.With a visionary view of the changing world, one can feel the collision of macro and micro in Simon’s expression, and the taste of a river of autumn water.

‘Feathers’ uses modern techniques to express the structures involved in traditional art. The figurative images reveal the spirit of abstraction, where Eastern cultural connotations and Western techniques merge.

On the negative floor, the theme is " Discussion of the Equality of Things", and with soft music and the fragrance of sandalwood, people can feel the vast realm of life in a comfortable and relaxing way, as if " the unity of Heaven and Humanity".

Art is at the heart of vision and thought, and Simon has created an intriguing gallery-like space through the paintings and sculptures of artists. The life source of artistic creativity can be seen in the paintings, with the illusory 'Feathers' and the archaic 'Message of Happiness' complementing each other in the space, where guests relax and lounge.

Reality and absurdity are not contradictory, "I do not distinguish between reality and imagination, past and present, East and West, art and the everyday. All history and art originate from daily life."

Whether subject or guest, inside or outside, ancient or modern. For Simon, art is free to dialogue with tradition and trends, in the interstices between material and immaterial progress, past and future, thus reaching beyond the realm of fun.

The sense of smell guides guests through the feast, immersing them in a hedonistic romp of art, food and music, where the spiritual and spatial connection is reshaped beyond the senses and the metaphysical.

Amidst the natural beauty, the confidants sip tea and discuss the past and present, which is a feast of meeting. Simon creates the dialogue between people and cuisine, culture and space, not just a taste of the tongue, but also a presentation of the life aesthetics, which is free and uninhibited like Zhuangzi dreaming of butterflies.

In the West County Club, art is the medium of spiritual life, one can see hope through its surface and within. Just as We Design gives the space the freedom of art, the story of the scene is written without limits, highlighting the richness of the past and present. Creating an urban living room in a natural way, it is ultimately a place of relaxation and spirituality, where people can live and work in a relaxed manner.

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